AMP2 – Nathan Thomas – Blood Is Thicker Than Water / Challenges of Being An Autism Spectrum Parent

With Pat McCormick & Zach Englehart

Pat and Zach welcome Zach’s brother on the podcast who was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and PVCs at the very young age of 23 years old.

Also Discussed:

  • Growing up with Zach
  • Nathan’s Afib, PVCs at a young age
  • Why grumpy, salty, crusty old men live longer
  • Zach is not a morning person
  • Pat is a morning person
  • Maintaining stress levels as a parent
  • The challenges of being Autism Spectrum parent
  • Some things not to say to an Autism parent
  • Early symptoms of Autism
  • The Reason I Jump – Naoki Higashida
  • The effects of gluten and probiotics on Autism
  • “How are the hardest things in your life the best things to ever happen to you?”
  • Fear and anxiety can be helpful emotions
  • Zach faces death and a nervous breakdown and has a turnaround
  • The three reasons a man is allowed to cry
  • Why feeling small in nature can be therapeutic


INTRO MUSIC by Sidewise

Artist: Sidewise
Song: This Time

Track; Sidewise – This Time
Music provided by FlyingTunes

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