AMP4.1 – OFF THE CUFF – Breathing, Spirituality, and Human Connection

On the first edition of OFF THE CUFF, Pat and Zach discuss many topics including:

  • Mosquitos as big as birds
  • Training for section hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • Why is a fire helmet shaped the way it is?
  • Getting sore working out?
  • Wim Hoff Breathing Method (briefly)
  • Pat’s Meditation routine
  • Proper breathing (belly breathing)
  • Animal Mind Podcast – Now now iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, Spotify, Google Play
  • Zen Disc Golf Podcast (History Lesson)
  • Zach, the Outreach Manager
  • Bring Nate Thomas back on OFF THE CUFF
  • Eastern and Western Spirituality
  • Human Connection
  • The cost of Social Media and the removal of conflict



“INTRO MUSIC” by Sidewise

Artist: Sidewise
Song: This Time

Track; Sidewise – This Time
Music provided by FlyingTunes

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