AMP9 – Off The Cuff – 11 Workout Rules with Pat

With Pat McCormickZach Engelhart

Pat and Zach talk about Pat’s 11 rules for getting started with a workout program.

Pat’s 11 Rules

  1. God didn’t invent couches, recliners, McDonald’s or Wendy’s, man did that because he is weak – but he did invent you and your two working arms and legs so get at it.
  2. Your mind wants you to give up when your body has only given 40% (credit to @davidgoggins for this)
  3. 100 is the new 20
  4. Unless your 16-25 years old you won’t build anything in 20 minutes a day. That’s like telling you to pay off your credit card using only minimum payment. It’s better than not paying but holy cow is that bs. Stop looking for quick fixes. You are going to have to suffer and learn to love it.
  5. Don’t listen to anyone unless you are paying them to train you or you are specifically asking a professional. Everyone wants to tell you a better way and at the end of the day, you haven’t repeated enough of the same types of reps to do anything. Discipline and consistency is the key.
  6. No days off. Only rotational healthy living. Ie: I never work the same group within 3 days. I may take one day off every few months. Not during the week.
  7. There are 24 hours in a day. Do what you hate first. I hate ab work. So I wake up at 430 and do 150 crunches and leg lifts before most people wake up. And that’s not my workout, that goes with brushing my teeth.
  8. If there’s a supplement advertisement, don’t trust the workout. They want to keep you weak to make you think that you need the supplement.
  9. Do not workout to improve how you look. Seriously, for most people, it won’t change fast enough for you not to quit. I workout for the sense of achievement and building character. I workout to fight my current demons and prepare for the next ones that will pop up in my path. I do the same thing when I’m in my Bible daily. Working out is complimentary.
  10. I put myself through more physical pain than anyone else could ever throw at me in a day. This is about mental strength, not superficiality and vanity.
  11. No gym necessary. I started with a pull-up bar and a deck of cards. Later I bought cinderblocks to throw around. Recently got a weighted vest and some kettlebells. But start from where you are.



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