About the Animal Mind Podcast


The Animal Mind Podcast is devoted to digging deep into the human psyche to understand how overcoming adversity plays into human development and mental strength. Our goal is to study how we can use our primal natures to develop a mind-body connection and find peace in our contemporary lives. Subjects we hope to cover are masculinity, manhood, fatherhood, mental strength, fitness, hunting, archery, meditation, mental health, physical health, and more (the sky is the limit!).




  • CO-HOST (talking)
  • PRODUCER (turning on the mics – laying down the tracks – website and all other background stuff)
  • CONTENT MANAGER (picking out what you see and hear)
  • @animalmindpodhost
  • patrickdmccormick.com

Pat McCormick is a career Medic Firefighter (LT) with an extensive background in media production – music, podcasts, books, etc. He has an obsession with fitness, athleticism, hiking, archery, and mental strength. He lives on the east coast of Virginia on his 17.5-acre ranch with his wife and son.


  • CO-HOST (talking)
  • OUTREACH MANAGER (talent scout)
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS (communication and relationship building)
  • @upstate_longbeards

Zach Engelhart is a retired Navy veteran, with experience in military counterintelligence and cyber warfare. He currently lives in upstate New York with his wife and three kids. His passions include hunting, archery, and mental health.